Million Dollar Hand from Party Poker

June 7th, 2009 | by Admin |

Will you hold a Million Dollar Hand? Until June 28th you’ll get one playing card for every 15 points you earn playing on your favourite online poker site, Party Party Poker give you your first card free – visit your Party Account and reveal it now – to get you going and the rest of your cards can be tracked in your Player Account as you earn them, you’re heading towards a five card hand.

There’s a guaranteed cash prize if your hand is a pair or better and there is no limit to the number of Royal Flushes ($1m prize – top banana) you can claim for, how cool is that! Please note that you can only reveal 2 hands of cards a day.

Here’s the prize structure so get playing on Europe’s favourite online poker site and you may be holding a Million Dollar Hand!

Poker Hands Cash Prize
Royal flush $1 million
Straight flush $10,000
Four of a kind $1,000
Full house $250
Flush $100
Straight $50
Three of a kind $20
Two pair $10
Pair $3

Players new to Party Poker should download and deposit now to enable them to take part in this exciting promotion running until June 28th.

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