Players ‘Rush’ To Play Pokerstars Zoom Poker

March 20th, 2012 | by Admin |

Zoom Poker at Pokerstars Pokerstars have introduced a new poker format which has proved to be an instant success with their players. ‘Zoom Poker’ cuts out the time spent waiting while other players finish a hand – allowing you to play far more hands per hour. Players are pooled together and then instantly recombined for each new hand, and the moment you hit the ‘Fast Fold’ button a brand new hand will start.

Readers who remember Rush Poker at Full Tilt will find the concept familiar, and with 1000’s of recreational players checking out the new game this is a great opportunity to head on over to Pokerstars and fill your bankroll with the easy pickings!

Pokerstars Zoom Poker – What Is Available?
Since the launch of the Beta software last Friday, Pokerstars have been gradually adding bigger buy-in levels to their Zoom Poker games. Blinds range from 1c / 2c through to 50c / $1, great for getting used to this game with a small buy-in before you play for bigger money. You can currently choose between No-Limit Holdem (6-max and 9-max sizes) or Pot-Limit Omaha High. There is a tab marked as ‘Other’ in the Zoom lobby, we look forward to seeing what other games will be added there. Full Tilt used to run Poker Tournaments in Rush format – so there is the potential for Zoom tournaments at some stage too.

Here’s what available right now, today. Keep in mind this screenshot was taken when most people were still asleep, the actual number playing at high peak times is much, much higher.

Zoom Poker Games Available

Pokerstars Zoom Poker – How To Play Zoom
To join a game you click on the buy-in level and table size you want, a screen then pops up asking for your buy-in amount (max is 100 times the big blind) and the number of times you want to join each pool. You can choose up to 4 ‘instances’ in each player pool – though if you are not used to the extra-fast action we recommend you start off with less!

Once the game starts the main difference you will see on the tables is a new ‘Fast Fold’ button. This allows you to fold before the action gets to you – the other players will not be able to see that you have folded. If you do play a hand the action will be exactly the same as in a regular poker game. You can even watch the end of a hand between other players by hitting the ‘control’ button as you fold.

The big blind is posted by the player with the most hands played since posting, with all of the other seating positions filled at random. When you have had enough, there is a ‘sit out next big blind’ button available – as well the option to sit out next hand.

Pokerstars Zoom Poker – Great Reasons To Play Zoom Poker Today
New games always attract recreational players at the start, which means the Zoom poker tables will be super-soft for the next couple of weeks at least. Even after this period of easy money there are some compelling reasons to play Zoom Poker. These include the fact the large number of hands per hour naturally leads to larger profits, and more VIP club rewards too – since you will be accumulating points faster. Zoom is great for short sessions, you can dip in, play a ton of hands and then go, something which regular cash games can be too slow for.

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