The Black Card by Full Tilt Poker

April 7th, 2011 | by Admin |

Full Tilt Poker are offering their players the ultimate recognition for loyalty with the Black Card which brings with it a unique selection of rewards. As the owner of a prestigious Black Card you will be entitled to:

  • Exclusive access to the Black Card Store where you can exchange your Full Tilt Points for limited edition branded merchandise or top cash bonuses.
  • The elite Black Card holder will earn at least 2 x Full Tilt Points.
  • Entry into exclusive online Black Card tournaments.
  • Preferred treatment at Live Events in the company of Full Tilt Pros.

Are you ready to be a Black Card holder and embrace all the poker advantages and opportunities the Black Card brings??

This is how it works:

The Black Card by Full Tilt Poker is available to players who earn a minimum 500 Full Tilt Point daily average over a 100 day rolling period. This means achieve a 500 FTP average in any 100 day period and you are in and will automatically receive Black card membership with the status that brings!

Once you’ve earned your Black Card you need to retain your 100 day rolling average to keep it but, if you fall below your average, don’t despair you have 50 days grace to get back on track any during this period you will retain your Black Card priviledged status, Fantastic stuff!

If you are not already a player on the top site Full Tilt Poker you are in for a treat!

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