WSOP 08 Winner is Peter Eastgate!

November 11th, 2008 | by Admin |

Peter Eastgate - WSOP 2008 Winner!This has been a long awaited Final Table for WSOP 08. It all started way back in May when 6,700 hopeful poker players converged on Las Vegas clutching $10,000 for the buy in to the WSOP 08 Main Event. That’s 6,700 players who were whittled down to just nine for the final table – then, for the first year, the long wait began for the final table action to begin.

The nine finalists have been called the November Nine and even the Million Dollar Men and without a doubt they all played their best poker but it was Peter Eastgate from Odense, Denmark and Ivan Demidov from Moscow, Russia who proved to be the two to go heads up for the coveted WSOP 08 Bracelet.

This was a truly historic heads up and there were records being broken left, right and centre whilst these two talented young men played poker for four long hours. For instance did you know that this is the first time at the final of WSOP 08 that :-

  • Both players in the WSOP 08 Final were from outside the USA.
  • This was longest heads up final, at four hours, ever in the history of WSOP Main Event.
  • This was the first time the tournament blinds reached one million
  • Peter Eastgate is the youngest, at just 22 years old, to win the title.

Ivan Demidov - WSOP 2008 runner up! Peter has graciously admitted that the cards were with him and has nothing but praise for the undoubted skills of Ivan and has been quoted as saying that the poker world will be seeing a lot more of him. Naturally, Ivan is crushed in defeat but may cheer up a bit when he cashes out at the Rio Cage and pockets $5,809,595, not bad!

So, we have a young European wearing the WSOP 08 Main Event Bracelet with pride, and in addition to knowing his name will go down in poker history, he has won a fabulous prize purse of $9,152,416, I bet he can’t stop smiling.

Does WSOP 08 inspire you to get to grips with the best card game in the world? Yes, of course it does. Both of the young men in this fantastic heads up WSOP 08 Final play at – the biggest online poker site on the Planet! Peter Eastgate plays with the online screen name of ‘Isser’ and Ivan Demidov plays under the username ‘hasuling’.

…… next year I could be writing about you!

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